My mission

Tutoring in math, geometry and drawing

Sharing my knoledge, interests and pleasure. There is some fun in experiencing and questioning the world.
Branches I feel comftable in:
– Study of Perspective and Fractals.
– Linear Algebra with Analitic Geometry.
– Analysis.
– Introduction to Differential Geometry.
– Basic Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics, Statistics, Set Theory, Topology.

Math drawing

I am working on fundaments of drawing. Incorporating knowledge from deep geometrical theorems into drawings of shapes, spaces and structures. Let’s do it together!
Draw knowledge through contemplation and feelings!

Portrait drawing

To Witkacy’s homage and to the pleasure of exploring the secrets of the phenomena – I am cultivating tradion of portraits. Please take a look at The Rules of the S. I. Witkiewicz Portrait-Painting Firm.


Observation of perpendicular lines, a conformal mapping from Euclidean plane.

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